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The Collaborative International Dictionary

hovercraft \hov"er*craft\, n. A vehicle that rides over water or land supported by the pressure of a stream of air generated by downward-thrusting fans, and is propelled forward by an air propeller; also called ACV and air-cushioned vehicle. [Mostly found in Great Britain]


n. 1 (context military English) (initialism of armoured combat vehicle English) 2 (initialism of apple cider vinegar English) 3 (initialism of air-cushion vehicle English)


ACV may refer to:

  • Achumawi language, the native language spoken by the Pit River people of present-day California
  • Aciclovir, an antiviral drug
  • Actual cash value, money equal to the cost of replacing lost, stolen, or damaged property after depreciation
  • All commodity volume, the total annual sales volume of retailers that can be aggregated from individual store-level up to larger Geographical sets
  • Allegheny-Clarion Valley School District, a public school district in Clarion County, Pennsylvania, United States
  • Amphibious Combat Vehicle, under development for the US Marine Corps
  • Apple cider vinegar, a common vinegar available to consumers, popularly used in alternative medicine
  • Armored combat vehicle, as in
    • ACV-S, a Turkish military vehicle
    • ACV-300, a family of Turkish military vehicles
  • Armored Core V, a 3D mecha-based video game for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360
  • Asianet Cable Vision, a company that provide services on cable TV, broadband internet connections, web hosting and VoIP services in Kerala, India
  • Asser Christelijke Voetbalvereniging , a Dutch amateur football club
  • Asset of community value, in England, protection of land/property from development
  • Associated Commercial Vehicles, a former vehicle manufacturer of the United Kingdom, acquired by Leyland Motors Ltd
  • Automatic control valve, a type of hydraulic or pneumatic valve
  • Confederation of Christian Trade Unions , a Belgian trade union
  • Hovercraft, also known as "air cushion vehicle", a type of vehicle supported by high pressure air
  • δ-(L-α-amino-adipate)-L-cysteine-D-valine, the biological precursor of penicillin

ACV is also used as an official code or symbol

  • IATA code and FAA LID: Arcata-Eureka Airport, an airport in McKinleyville, California, United States
  • ICAO code: Air Charter Service, United Kingdom

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