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The Acolhua are a Mesoamerican people who arrived in the Valley of Mexico in or around the year 1200 CE. The Acolhua were a sister culture of the Aztecs (or Mexica) as well as the Tepanec, Chalca, Xochimilca and others.

It is likely that the ruling family of the Acolhua were descended from Otomi speakers and did not speak Nahuatl until decreed by their ruler ( tlatoani) Techotlalatzin.

Under Techotlalatzin's grandson, Nezahualcoyotl, the Acolhua allied with the Mexica (Aztecs) in the Aztec Triple Alliance. The Acolhua capital, Texcoco, became a cultural center of the resultant Aztec Empire.

Usage examples of "acolhua".

But the Acolhua and the Tecpanéca, having few ambitions of that sort, had to depend on the Wars of Flowers to provide Flowery Deaths for their gods.

Was I to be an adopted Acolhuatl for the rest of my life, and a convert to the Acolhua gods?

So I assumed that among the Acolhua, or at least in the palace vicinity, the lower classes were fairly treated.

Fortunately, those Culhua and Acolhua and Tecpanéca and all the rest could communicate in a common language, and they all worked together.

How courteously the highest noble of the Acolhua summoned to his presence this lowly foreigner who had been battening on his hospitality.

Personally leading a combined army of Mexíca, Acolhua, and Tecpanéca, he had waged and won the war in less than a month.

That is, to take down in writing the words spoken in the chamber where the Uey-Tlatoani met with his Speaking Council, and in the hall of justice where he gave audience to lesser Acolhua bringing requests and complaints.

Huge feather banners designated the main contingents among the thousands of Acolhua and the puny hundreds from Tenochtítlan and Tlácopan.

Some of the trapped Texcalteca may break out past the closing walls of Acolhua warriors.

The main bodies of Acolhua troops would be preparing to move, some into ambuscade, some into the very teeth of the Texcalteca.

I did not even hear sounds of battle until the Acolhua, as Nezahualpili had hoped, rushed after them in full force.

I could envision the Acolhua trying to restrain their own blows and thrusts, while the Texcalteca desperately fought with all their strength and skill, and with no compunction against killing.

Others, both Acolhua and Texcalteca, were not lying still but writhing and contorting, as they variously screamed or moaned a ragged chorus of "Yya, yyaha, yya ayya ouíya," while the physicians moved among them with their medicines and ointments, and the priests with their mumbles.

And this single captive—you heard him say he slew four Acolhua knights today.

But he has probably accounted for hundreds of Acolhua, Mexíca, and Tecpanéca in his time.