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n. An emperor of the Aztec kingdom.


Tlatoani ( , "one who speaks, ruler" plural ) is the Classical Nahuatl term for the ruler of an altepetl, a pre-Hispanic state. It may be translated into English as " king". A is a female ruler, or queen regnant.

The term cuauhtlatoani refers to "provisional, interim, or at least non-dynastic rulers". The leaders of the Mexica prior to their settlement are sometimes referred to as quauhtlatoque, as are those colonial rulers who were not descended from the ruling dynasty.

The ruler's lands were called tlahtohcātlālli and the ruler's house was called tlahtohcācalli

The city-states of the Aztec empire each had their own Tlatoani or leader. He would be the high priest and military leader for his city-state. He would be considered their commander and chief. As the Tlatoani he would make every decision for his city-state from taxes to warfare. He would always be a descendent of the royal family. Since the Tlatoani was allowed to have several wives his legacy would be easily maintained. After being established as the Tlatoani, he would be the Tlatoani of his region for life. The Tlatoani was chosen by a council of elders, nobles, and priests. He would be selected from a pool of four candidates.