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n. 1 (context British slang English) money 2 (plural of acker English)Category:English plurals


Ackers is a surname. People with this surname include:

  • Benjamin St John Ackers (1839–1915), Member of Parliament (MP) for West Gloucestershire 1885
  • Boris Ackers (born 1982), German ice hockey player
  • Gary Ackers, American professor of biochemistry
  • Heinz Ackers, West German canoer

Usage examples of "ackers".

The nagging racket had gone on so many months that Ackers was scarcely aware of it.

He leaned forward and the two looked directly at each other: Ackers, carefully-groomed, well-fed, wearing a respectable overcoat.

And Ackers impatiently watched the late-evening street for sign of the hospital truck.

Leroy Beam commented, standing beside Ackers, his arms folded to conceal his bulging coat.

Edward Ackers sat patiently waiting for the results, waiting for specifications to come in, and for the file machinery to process them.

While he was looking, Ellen Ackers said tautiy: "You better go in there.

I can take this and the TV unit to Ackers and try it without your testimony.

In a daze he wondered if Ackers already knew, if his order had already been rescinded.

And finally Edward Ackers had shown up to face his wife and the situation.

The hell with Ackers and Leroy Beam and -- reluctantly -- the hell with Mrs.

This, he thought, or Ellen Ackers or the job at Interior or perhaps all three at once.

Edward Ackers had been retired on pension and he had given his wife a divorce.

The man who’d asked the question was Hermann Ackers, one of the ensigns of the city’s militia.

The man who'd asked the question was Hermann Ackers, one of the ensigns of the city's militia.

Ackers had, when there was nothing else to do, concocted and refined an indictment of Garth, a sort of lay analysis of the man's mental aberrations.