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Etymology 1 n. (context regional now rare English) A visible current in a lake or river; a ripple on the surface of water. Etymology 2

n. (obsolete form of acre English)


Acker may refer to an obsolete German land measure:

Acker is a surname from German or Old English, meaning "field". It is related to the word " acre" and is the root of the surname Ackerman.

Acker (name)

Usage examples of "acker".

Kathy Acker and William Burroughs, exemplary postmodern thinkers by virtue of their literary fictions, are frequently present in these pages as well.

Kathy Acker, for general inspiration, and for introducing me to DOOM PATROL.

Casey Acker, the human resources drone who was conducting her latest in a series of interviews with the Umbrella Corporation.

Evans, Liz Lobaugh, Mary MaterHarris, Bill Acker, William Darner, Dolly Kelleway, Gary Lotano, Paul Schlossbach, PLS.

A rock group, the Sonic Youth, dubbed themselves cyberpunks and featured a song called "The Sprawl" on their album, Daydream Nation (1988), while Kathy Acker, the postpunk godmother of the London fiction scene, wrote that parts of her novel, Empire of the Senseless (1988), are directly "ripped off" from Neuromancer.