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The Collaborative International Dictionary

achondrite \achondrite\ n. 1. a stony meteor lacking chondrules.


n. Any stony meteorite that contains no chondrules


n. a stony meteor lacking chondrules


An achondrite is a stony meteorite that does not contain chondrules. It consists of material similar to terrestrial basalts or plutonic rocks and has been differentiated and reprocessed to a lesser or greater degree due to melting and recrystallization on or within meteorite parent bodies. As a result, achondrites have distinct textures and mineralogies indicative of igneous processes.

Achondrites account for about 8% of meteorites overall, and the majority (about two thirds) of them are HED meteorites, possibly originating from the crust of asteroid 4 Vesta. Other types include Martian, Lunar, and several types thought to originate from as-yet unidentified asteroids. These groups have been determined on the basis of e.g. the Fe/ Mn chemical ratio and the O/O oxygen isotope ratios, thought to be characteristic "fingerprints" for each parent body.

Usage examples of "achondrite".

Vesta resembles a kind of meteorite called a basaltic achondrite, while 16 Psyche and 22 Kalliope appear to be largely iron.

Divert all scanners to the asteroids and analyze anything that isn’t chondrites, achondrites, silicates, or metallic iron.