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Crossword clues for aced


vb. (en-past of: ace)

Usage examples of "aced".

Only an hour in the air, and already they had been nearly aced a dozen times.

With half their number aced in a few moments, the remaining guards scrambled for distance to safely use their blasters.

Behind his shield, Jak had eyes only for the predark revolver in the gun belt of the aced pirate.

Knowing he stood no chance against those, Jak charged the boars, plowing through the smaller beasts until reaching the aced pirate.

Keeping on the move, he reloaded a single round and aced another officer in the grandstand, starting a riot in the attendees.

Jak aced two more boars, the rest moving away from the pale killer, a few of the smaller animals going to the dead sow and nudging her with their snouts as if trying to awaken her.

The air tasted of black-powder fumes, and aced pirates lay everywhere, pools of their blood making the limestone slippery to walk on.

Shrieking, the pirates slapped at their crackling bodies, one going over the side, and the other dashing madly about until aced by one of his own men.

The bolts were still undone on the other side, the sentry aced, but hopefully nobody would notice for a while.

Damn thing only aced people and machines but did no damage to the buildings.

When the neutron bomb aced people and electronics, the speeding vehicles had sailed off the bypass from simple inertia.

Ryan prodded the droids with the SIG-Sauer to made sure they were aced, then pumped a few rounds into their exposed circuitry just to make sure.