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abbr. abbreviation for the word airborne. init. '''Australian Business Number''', a unique identifier used for tax purposes.


ABN or abn may refer to:

Companies, institutions
  • ABN AMRO Group, a Dutch bank group
  • ABN AMRO, sometimes referred to as "ABN" in shorthand, is a Dutch state-owned bank
  • Alaska Board of Nursing, the regional board of nurses in the state of Alaska, USA
  • Alcock Brown-Neaves Group, Australian property development company
  • Algemene Bank Nederland, a now-defunct Dutch bank
  • Niger Basin Authority (Authorité du Bassin du Niger), an intergovernmental organisation in West Africa
  • Anti-Bolshevik Bloc of Nations, an anti-Soviet Cold War group
Professional Organizations
  • American Board of Professional Neuropsychology
  • ABN Andhra Jyothi, a Telugu language news channel based in India
  • ABN Radio, the Agri Broadcast Network, an Ohio-based agricultural radio news network
  • ABN (TV station), the Australian Broadcasting Corporation's Sydney TV station
  • ABNXcess, the sole cable television operator in Malaysia
  • Asahi Broadcasting Nagano, a TV station in Nagano Prefecture, Japan
  • Asia Business News a now-defunct business news channel
  • Agencia Bolivariana de Noticias, the national news agency of Venezuela
  • Australian Bibliographic Network, a national library network in Australia
  • Avivamiento Broadcasting Network, a religious local TV station in Bogotá, Colombia
  • Assholes by Nature, an album & rap duo by rappers Trae & Z-Ro
  • Abua language, a Central Delta language of Nigeria
  • Albina Airport in Albina, Suriname (IATA airport code)
  • Australian Business Number, a unique identifier issued to business entities by the Australian Taxation Office
  • Algemeen Beschaafd Nederlands (Common Civilized Dutch), the near-obsolete name for now "Common Dutch"
  • Advance Beneficiary Notice, which must be given to- and understood and signed by (free of duress or coercion)- a patient or their authorized representative or guardian in a timely manner, usually weeks before an elective medical or surgical therapeutic or diagnostic procedure or service, but at minimum before the procedure starts or anesthesia is induced, if Medicare or Medicaid will or likely will deny payment for the service

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ABN (TV station)

ABN is the Australian Broadcasting Corporation's television station in Sydney. The station began broadcasting on 5 November 1956. Its original studios were located in Gore Hill, New South Wales and were in use up until March 2004, when they were co-located with ABC Radio, Radio Australia and Australia Network at the Corporation's headquarters in the inter-city suburb of Ultimo, New South Wales. Its main transmitter, however, remains at Gore Hill. The station can be received throughout the state through a number of relay transmitters, as well as satellite transmission on the Optus Aurora platform.

ABN (hip hop duo)

ABN or Assholes by Nature is an American hip hop duo, composed of Houston, Texas-based rappers Trae and Z-Ro. They have so far released two studio albums, Assholes by Nature (2003) and It Is What It Is (2008).

ABN (Australia)

ABN (Australia)

might mean either: -

  • Australian Business Number - an Australian Taxation office number
  • Australian Bibliographic Network - a National Library of Australia network

Usage examples of "abn".

They are allowed to say two words in men's language: abn, which means yes, or asfa, which means at once.