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Abaí is a town in the Caazapá department of Paraguay.

Abai (martyr)

Abai was a martyr in Syria. He was killed during the reign of Shapur II. He is a saint in the Syrian Orthodox Church and his feast day is October 1. He is included in Kalendarium Manuale Utriusque Ecclesiae Orientalis et Occidentalis.

Abai is not to be confused with the Syriac saint Abhai.

Abai (opera)

Abai is an opera in two acts, created by Latif Khamidi and Akhmet Zhubanov, on a libretto of Mukhtar Auezov, inspired by a slice of the life of the poet Abai Qunanbaiuli (1845-1904).

Created on December 24, 1944 at the Kazakh Academic Theater of Opera and Ballets during the year preceding the centenary of Qunanbaiuli's birth, it is considered as one of "the most beautiful operas written in kazakh language".

Usage examples of "abai".

And one of the Soviet cosmonautsboth for propaganda purposes and as a sop to a growing Soviet Moslem populationhappened to be a Kazakh: Colonel Abai Akkul, whose name went down in history along with Neil Armstrong's when, after the crew drew lots, he became the first man to set foot on Mars.