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Word usage examples

If it is ever known in India that you put your linga into my yoni, whether I actively engulf it or only passively spread myself for it, we are both in terrible disgrace and peril.

The Yogi yelled some more at his linga and borrowed yoni, as if cursing them, and made some more violent gestures, including shaking his fist.

His hands, fumbling, found the greasy gapes of wet yoni, felt labial cuts plantlash across his fingers and begin to draw there as he fondled Flopsy and Mopsy, left and right.

At her yoni, open freely for him, he kissed and licked and stung and sucked, sharp pangs again but then quickly numbed and covered with kisses.

He held her head close to her yoni, kissing her lifeless lips, cutting his mouth on her urine-stenched labia, back and forth between them, loving Esme, refusing to believe she was gone.

Clearly this Yoni was a much stronger personality than the beggar girl had been.

Clearly this Yoni had an incredible instinct for self-preservation that fully matched her skills and agility.

If the girl reciprocates your passion, then her yoni opens its lips for you to enter her zankha.

Her eyes widened, and so must her yoni have done, for a voluminous puff of the blue smoke came suddenly up from there.

Siva, and also open-holed yoni stones, representative of his consort goddess Parvati.