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wrasle wrasse

Word usage examples

When he worked on a shipwreck, goatfish dug in the sand beside him, rays skittered across the bottom, and there was always the tiny danger that some nearsighted wrasse would take a bite from his earlobe.

Lexi loved the sea urchins that lurked like dark black blobs in the sea, and she never seemed to tire of watching the mullet and bream and wrasse swimming lazily by beneath their dangling feet.

Robin managed to get one large, late coming pink-and-yellow wrasse to nibble at her fingers.

Or a crimson-speckled wrasse browsing the spines of a tropical coral bed.

Robin managed to get one large, latecoming, pink-and-yellow wrasse to nibble at her fingers.

For example, the blue-headed wrasse is a fish that lives on coral reefs.

Small cleaner wrasse nibbling at the skin so her blood oozed like green ink.

Strachan watched him recoil as a giant Napoleon wrasse erupted from it.

He showed me an underwater grotto, a light-shafted nave of pale blue shadows, where the large wrasse floated as if in a trance.

I wished him luck with the bass and the wrasse, hung up, buffed my badge, and tucked in my shirt.