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Word usage examples

I may not have been a West Winger any longer, but I was not about to be summoned over there like some browbeaten summer intern.

Not even Winger would have the numskull nerve to go wandering around the Bohdan Zhibak.

Winger was one of those freaks of nature who just open their eyes and are wide-awake.

Everywhere Grimmy and Winger went, it boomed out off-key operatic arias about henpecked top gods, brothers who plooked their sisters in order to create psychopathic, dwarf-murdering heroes who tended to forget that they were married to defrocked, doomed, and not very bright Choosers of the Slain.

Uncle Clarrie, a much respected elder, was also related to Newcastle rugby league winger Brett Grogan.

The York right winger tried a slap shot, and partially missed, just topping the puck with the heel of his stick.

The infantrymen in their winged helmets and ornate armor battled on the bridge with swords and pikes, while the mass of cavalry stood detached, some trying vainly to cross the river.

The Greeks adopted the idea, but beautified it, using a winged Genius of death instead of a mummy.

We fondly kissed goodbye, she bade me take care of myself, I bridled pretty Pegasus, picked up Polyeidus, winged northwestward in high spirits.

Athene, who was most certainly on the verge of speaking to me, might instruct me when I found her voice to clear myself with Aphrodite or my father Poseidon before bridling the winged horse.