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Word usage examples

Nadie fue a verme, fuera de Luis Irala, un amigo de veras, que le negaron el permiso.

Of the latter we have an affecting instance in the historic narrative of that Italian Countess del Verme, who, losing her husband after an elysian union for eight years, was so shocked on learning his death, that she threw herself on his body in a convulsion of grief which broke her heart, and she instantly died beside him.

If Geza Vermes is right, and Jesus was saying that he was greater, then it was hardly a compliment to John.

The works of Schonfield and Vermes are relatively well-known and easily available.

Geza Vermes states explicitly that it was Onias IV who founded the Egyptian temple, thus maintaining the exclusion of this temple from serious academic consideration.

Gian Galeazzo, accompanied by a large bodyguard, dismounted, embraced his uncle and, while holding him tightly, called out an order in German, upon which one of his generals, the condottiero Jacopo del Verme, cut Bernabo’s sword belt while another, crying “You are a prisoner!