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Word usage examples

From hints here and there, Maia surmised that some of these vars had wore the red bandanna themselves.

That did not count one summerling boy, plus a dozen or so transient var employees.

It was nearly noon when he reached the house Vard had provided for them, and he swung down out of his saddle, controlling his excitement as best he could.

In the very center, enclosed within that inner ring of seers, stood the silver-haired Vard and the giant Toth.

As evening darkened their concealed basin, and the stars came out in the velvety sky overhead, they gathered about the fire and ate a supper consisting of lightly grilled lamb, steamed vegetables, and dark bread, all drawn from the supplies Vard had pressed upon them before they had left the village near the beach.

While Wyme might love his duty, Var thought, he loved his comfort more.

Var hesitated, torn between fulfilling his promise to Arcole and fear of angering Wyme by pressing too hard.

The manager of the Vard Federation and Professor Pell of the Paraphysical Laboratory of the Higham University.

In many ways, rads were polar opposites to Perkinites, pushing for empowerment of the var underclass through restructuring all of the rules, political and biological.

In high spirits after their successful foray, the rads were talkative, excited, and clearly better educated than the average var.