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Word usage examples

And even the private schools, traditionally viewed with suspicious dislike by state education officials, were hit by surprise inspections so seldom that the very act of an accreditation team, showing up unannounced at one of them, was tantamount to an accusation of educational hanky-panky.

Until this latest visit, when Lo Manto had walked into his bar unannounced less than a week ago and sliced off a piece of his ear.

Provost-Marshal Shappi about which revs and reps to use in this Bullball match, which I take it you interupted, when a rating entered my office unannounced.

Lauderdale slithered unannounced and unadmitted into the chapel at ten after nine, I was more than a bit surprised.

Her mother had walked into the kitchen, uninvited and unannounced, and was regarding each of them in turn with her nose lifted in the air.

It was understood that the Captain would not harass them in their bunks by unannounced inspections.

Acorna had in mind to go unannounced and unescorted, except by Pal, and pointed out that bringing a large group would almost certainly cause the supervisor of the glassworks to treat their visit like an official inspection, hiding all the children.

He came to call on us at our hotel--a rare honour for a stranger with these haughty and exclusive Tyrolese nobles--and even entered unannounced in the most friendly manner.

Inspections were carried out unannounced and if querns or food were found hidden, the entire family would be put to death.

Dreams, though, still needed her, swooping in at any hour, unannounced, sometimes unrecognized, deep into the intricate urgency of the passing moment she could be startled awake by the sudden evaporation of objects, happenings, truths, her surroundings deftly replaced by another set whose reality might or might not be so permanent.