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Word usage examples

I assumed that once Bondo was no longer the ugliest man in the world, the spell would end.

Blue Valley became a ghost town, one of the ugliest on earth, with not a single feature to redeem it, and Spade Larkin was forced to turn his back on the grandeur he had uncovered and drift along the streets of Denver, telling newcomers that he was the man, yessiree, he was the man that found Blue Valley, and for a beer he would explain how a newspaper clipping, a little clipping from a St.

And just then began the ugliest man to gurgle and snort, as if something unutterable in him tried to find expression.

Zarathustra himself, however, led the ugliest man by the hand, that he might show him his night-world, and the great round moon, and the silvery water-falls near his cave.

There are even those who narrate that the ass then danced: for not in vain had the ugliest man previously given it wine to drink.

He was the ugliest human being the wizard had ever seen, or expected to see.

All I know for certain is that she cast a spell to make me the ugliest man in the world.

The fairy spell was that you'd be the ugliest man in the world -- is that right?

Princess might find herself living with the ugliest man in the world for a considerable time.

It's bad to be the ugliest man in the world, but it's not much of an improvement to become the most conceited.