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Word usage examples

The Tusk tells us that there is no greater abomination than the False Prophet.

He focused on the dot, and the dot became a huge, obese aquatic creature, a creature whose blubbery hide, tusks, and skin suited it for this frozen hell, who probably thought the weather a pleasant spring freshet.

Bull emerged from the herd, a giant who even outsized Boaster, with yellowed tusks chipped from fighting.

Tybiel shot past a panther to get to a second lizard, while Joha, Brue, Thurmon, and the rest spread out and hunted the rest of the tusked panthers.

One long table extended itself down the ample hall of Ellieslaw Castle, which was still left much in the state in which it had been one hundred years before, stretching, that is, in gloomy length, along the whole side of the castle, vaulted with ribbed arches of freestone, the groins of which sprung from projecting figures, that, carved into all the wild forms which the fantastic imagination of a Gothic architect could devise, grinned, frowned, and gnashed their tusks at the assembly below.

Sure enough, the prostrate Gabbler was sitting up, weaving his massive tusked head from side to side and shrieking.

With the light behind her now, Gaye could see that her attacker had a dull yellow-orange face with short tusks sticking up over its upper lip, and wore black, spike-studded armor, well oiled.

All this sitting around is bad for the digestion, we should organize a boar-hunt, I remember one boar-hunt I went on, in Laconia, a huge boar, it stood higher than a man, it had already killed half a dozen dogs, I remember it had the giblets of one of them hanging from its right tusk, no, it was the left, no, wait a minute.

I blinked painfully, squinting in the glare-then gasped at the incredible figure standing in the open door Chapter 18 RED SWORDS IN KUUR It had a massive chest and burly shoulders, six, fat waddling legs and a blunt, homely visage, all gogling eyes and grinning, froglike mouth filled with blunt, powerful tusks.

The men were standing near the tusks trying to decide if they wanted to hunt jerboas with their slings.