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tursable tursdale tursiops turskill tursunov

Word usage examples

His uneven gray coloring and jagged teeth were marks of the Stenos sub-racial line, setting him and a number of others aboard apart from the Tursiops majority.

He tried to recall diving in deep water, the deep water of the Stenos, where the big-mouthed, smart-aleck, shore-hugging Tursiops were rare as dugongs.

Arching and curving her spine in catlike movements, she undulated up and down the dark pool without the grace of tursiops but with a freedom she never knew on land.

As the genes of other species were spliced onto the basic Tursiops model, a few things had been thrown out of kilter.

Akki encountered a group of four Tursiops, clustered in a corner of the outlock doing nothing in particular.

Haoke was another Tursiops smart-aleck, like Creideiki and that stuck up little midshipfin, Akki.

He must know that many, perhaps most of the Tursiops would follow her, whatever the law said.

His neural link went dead just as he came about into sight of a sleek, gray Tursiops dolphin, two meters above him, white teeth shining in the light from the surface.

An approving blat greeted his final guess, and the Tursiops flicked the mullet toward Hacker, who felt suddenly ravenous.

The dwarf Tursiops truncatus surfaced beside her, squawked once in apology, then submerged.