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Word usage examples

If so, Gilder would probably order a check on the net to see what information on Keziah Turle could be dredged up.

It also brought Banks's boss, Thornton Velte, responding to the Keziah Turle stunt, since Gilder himself was preoccupied with preparations for his daughter Marissa's wedding, guests for which were assembling at the Oasis hotel before being transported up from Lowell as Asgard approached.

This idea about that Turle zealot bringing something in strikes me as too farfetched.

Toole, Turle, whatever his name is—get him over there and have him account for himself in person.

But then again, a coherent explanation for the antics of an eccentric like Keziah Turle was hardly something that could reasonably be demanded.

But there was another who had tried to warn them: the eccentric but seemingly equally capable Keziah Turle, with Professor Hashikar's scientific group at Tharsis.

Radio contact with the leader there, the Professor Hashikar who had tried unsuccessfully to plead his case with Banks, had revealed, however, that Keziah Turle was not present at the camp.