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Word usage examples

Very still, as if fearing to betray itself by sound or movement, was her figure in its blue-green frock, and a brimless toque of brown straw, with two purplish roses squashed together into a band of darker velvet.

Removing his toque, Nfam blew imaginary dust from it, smoothed its feather, put it back on at a rakish angle.

She undid her seat belt, pulled her toque over her ears, and grabbed the cat carrier from its place behind the seat.

She tossed the toque behind the seat and ran her fingers up through her hair, dislodging most of the red and white.

He snatched up his plumed toque and, plopping it upon his graying head, rose to his feet, ready to storm after the wayward fellow.

The wet plumes of his toque had drooped downward beneath his hooked nose, causing him to spit between gasps as he tried to expell the limp ends from his mouth.

Sweeping off his toque, he halted beside her mount, seeming as hesitant as a young had with his first love.

The costume of wine-coloured velvet trimmed with mole-skin, a small close toque to match, was one of the most appropriate and attractive models of 1916-1917.

He gave a cry of rapture when Valentine at last made her appearance gowned in a delicious travelling dress, with a cavalier toque on her head.

Her cloth costume, which displayed to advantage her slender waist and graceful bust, was of simple but elegant cut, and was adorned with superb trimmings of black fox, which matched her toque and a little satin-lined muff, which from time to time she raised to her cheek to ward off the biting wind.