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Word usage examples

One of the surprising things always was the sense of calm and utter silence, broken only by the test rounds fired from the machine guns, by an occasional toneless, terse remark over the intercom, and, at last, by the sobering pronouncement of the bombardier in each plane that they were at the I.

She collapsed the tingler fence and tucked it in her pack, smoothed her hand down the outside of the harp case, tapped her fingers on the leather, snapped it open, touched the loosened strings, sighed at the dull toneless tunks she produced.

When Andy spoke again, it was in a toneless amplified voice that made Tian and Rosa gasp and step back.

He was a short spare man, very gentle in his movements, a toneless sort of man of a palish gray cast, who always wore sad-colored clothing.

His toneless complexion was, of course, the result of thirty orbital months as project engineer in charge of systems aboard Vega Jumpoff Station.

Moorsedge, and had then beheld their strangely-hatted lieutenants and the regiments of the toneless respectable on the pantiles and the mounts, the curse upon the satirist impelled him to generalize.

He was experimenting with the still useless combinant once again, his first attempt with it in days, when there came a sound of reed-flute music from the corridor, the breathy, toneless music that had some special significance for the Indigenes, and then an Indigene of obvious grandeur and rank entered the room, a personage who very likely was the chieftain of the village, or perhaps the high priest, if they had such things as high priests.

He tried to tell himself that he didn't smell swamp-breath or hear the toneless clickety-click of a tail dragging across kitchen linoleum.

The toneless curtness of Sisko's recorded voice told Dax just how grim the situation must be.

His voice was toneless, empty of expression as he walked across the room and held the electrical device before Jan.