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The large tribe, of the marmots, which includes the three large genuses of Arctomys, Cynomys, and Spermophilus, is still more sociable and still more intelligent.

If Pelly were one of the last to have Alfred that day, then we may conclude that she inadvertently transported his spermatozoa to your Lacey.

But then one should not forget that van Leeuwenhoek also looked at human semen, observed sperm, and described each individual spermatozoon as a perfectly formed, minuscule mannikin, thus reinforcing a long-held preformationist superstition about human reproduction that took at least another century to outgrow.

Between four and seven years he had seminal discharges, but it was not determined whether the semen contained spermatozoa.

They were biological engineers rather than scientists, their main concern being to improve the strains of their meat-producing and wool-bearing animals, descended in the main from the spermatozoa and ova which Lode Jumbukas did all colonisation vessels of her periodhad carried under refrigeration.

At first it was thought that the enzyme on the acrosome was being inhibited in some fashion and thus the spermatozoon was being prevented from penetrating the zona pellucida—the protective layer of the ovum— but a series of beautiful demonstrations by Russell and Austin at Cambridge proved beyond all doubt that not only could fertilization still take place outside the uterus, but that non-parthogenic cell division could still be induced in vitro at least as far as the morula stage.

The human genome is about 3,120,000,000 base pairs long, so half of that is in each spermatozoa -- 1,560,000,000 base pairs .

The car about to smash into you, the bullet on its way to your brain, the first cancer cell about to break loose, the boss reaching for the phone to call you in so he can fire you, the spermatozoon about to be launched toward the ovum, the final insult about to be hurled at the once, and perhaps still, beloved, the final drink of alcohol which would rupture the abused blood vessel, the decision which would lead to the light that would surely fail?

When a spermatogonium was observed to change to a primary spermatocyte-still diploid-it would be segregated and at the instant it divided into two secondary spermatocytes-haploids, one with an X chromosome and one with a Y chromosome-they would be again segregated and each would be encouraged to develop into spermatozoa.

She also had deep lacerations to the scalp, a minor abrasion to the upper lid of her right eye and her vaginal smear was positive for spermatozoa.