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Word usage examples

They can serve the Lady by serving their fellow human beings as sibyls, as I do.

The shoreline of the Choosing Island was as spiny as the trefoil the sibyls wore.

The trefoil symbol the sibyls wore was a warning against defilement, against trepass on sacred ground.

Even here on Tiamat, in the far islands the sibyls wandered like traveling occultists, thinking they spoke with the voice of the Sea Mother.

Not even the Hegemony would dare to eliminate sibyls from an inhabited world .

And one of the things she had learned about sibyls was that they were not more than human: Sorrow and anger and all the petty frustrations of life still grew from the seeds of her dedication, wrong still came out of the best intentions.

The Hedge wants this world kept in the technological dark, and sibyls are beacons of knowledge.

He is also telling locals that sibyls have access to forbidden knowledge.

I suppose the superstition was fostered in order to protect sibyls from harm in less civilized societies.

She had spent this day like the ones before it, practicing the exercises that disciplined her mind and body, watching the information tapes that KR Aspundh gave to her, learning all that was known to the Hegemony about what sibyls were, and did, and meant to the people of their worlds.