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Word usage examples

Saint Augustine introduces the Erythrean Sibyl, who, he says, faithfully foretold the Life of the Saviour.

Perhaps Jones might have seen him in that light, and have recollected the passage where the Sibyl, in order to procure an entrance for Eneas, presents the keeper of the Stygian avenue with such a sop.

Sibyl were over, and her first session in front of his videocam was well under way.

At last the living Sibyl, whose name was Amalthea, quite a young woman too, revealed herself.

You speak like the Cumaean sibyls, or as if you were rendering oracles at your temple in Corinth.

They can serve the Lady by serving their fellow human beings as sibyls, as I do.

The shoreline of the Choosing Island was as spiny as the trefoil the sibyls wore.

The trefoil symbol the sibyls wore was a warning against defilement, against trepass on sacred ground.

Even here on Tiamat, in the far islands the sibyls wandered like traveling occultists, thinking they spoke with the voice of the Sea Mother.

Not even the Hegemony would dare to eliminate sibyls from an inhabited world .