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Word usage examples

Sumomo reaching endlessly in her sleeve for the next shuriken, seeing only the great enemy lying helpless and his dimwitted whore who had caused this unnecessary conclusion gaping at her, a pillar of fear --but feeling no fear herself, only elation, sure that this was her zenith, the moment she had been born for and had trained all her life for, and that now, invincible champion of the shishi, she would conquer and, dying, live in legend forever .

Manni's eyes light up as Vipul yanks the arsenal doors open and starts handing out clubs, chibs, spikies, shuriken, and garrotes.

He saw the blow tube still gripped between her teeth, noted with sorrow that the tiny steel shuriken had not been launched.

He caught one of her ankles and brought her down, stabbed fingers for her throat but she was an eel and twisted away, trained in martial arts, her hand seeking the last shuriken.

Vancha dropped back and kept them at bay with his shurikens — sharp, multi-edged throwing stars which were lethal when thrown by one as experienced as Vancha March.

Then all four of us gathered around it, Vancha grasping several shurikens, Mr Crepsley his knives, Harkat his axe, and me my sword.

Vancha laughed, then checked that we were all prepared, pulled his belts of shurikens tight around his chest, and led us forward in search of the vampaneze lair.

Vancha said, drawing a handful of shurikens and squinting up at the platform.

Vancha saw the serious expression in my eyes and put his shurikens away.

Immediately the pair to his right turned back into defensive positions, shurikens in their hands.