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Word usage examples

She looked at them as she stood in their midst, suddenly shivering, as Haverford went to Rnd her a coat with which to cover herself.

Iho onowstrdeTh rnt,lbst te ayssoI en o ebio, aaandknow dnfh eratmaobyrAta.

At Paris, there was a thirty-five minute stop-over to let people on rnd off and give the Israeli Airline ground staff time to count the wheels.

These drugs creep through the porins deep inside the cytoplasm and lock onto the various vulnerable sites in the RNA protein factories.

The bizarre part was that the infectious particles are unique, consisting of only protein and containing no DNA or RNA, a proposition so scientifically heretical that the study of these particles and the diseases they produce had already generated Nobel Prizes for medicine in two different years.

PCR was performed on the samples using primers specific for ribosomal RNA, and the products were sequenced, revealing a magnetotactic sequence similar to Terran marine methanogens.

The lab team spliced my sequencing RNA into the ferredoxin nodes, replicating my neuronic structure.

Dicken saw that he had isolated a recombined variety of unencapsulated RNA virus from the blood and sputum of all the afflicted children, in titers sufficient to suggest massive infection.

The four codons for threonine in their RNA coding are ACU, ACC, ACA, and ACG.

There are beginning to be very large databases of RNA chips that have expression data for tens of thousands of genes including normal cells, diseased cells, untreated and treated normal and diseased cells.