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Word usage examples

A sound like poor dead Acton might make, watching his own remains rotting out there on the rift?

Past admonishments to Peggy to stop writing than had gone unheeded, widening the rift that already existed between brother and sister.

Evaporite deposits of anhydrite and gypsum were formed in the circum-Atlantic rifting and circum-Tethyan zones, and evoke a picture of coastal deserts such as near the modern Red Sea.

Yitzhak Rabin and King Hussein invited me to witness the signing ceremony on October 26, in the Wadi Araba border crossing in the great Rift Valley.

BODY, An American scientist studying Archaeon marine organisms was killed yesterday when his one-man submersible became wedged in an undersea canyon of the Galapagos Rift.

The Rift was quiet now, the wind strangely becalmed, the stench of underworld metals rising in its place.

Malaria, malnutrition, river blindness, sleeping sickness, leishmaniasis, yaws, bilharzia, and rift valley fever were everywhere in retreat under the benign rule of the Pan-African Federation.

But winds, Etowan Elacca knew, had a way of changing their courses, and perhaps the Chafer had chosen to visit a different side of the Rift this year.

They sagged and bowed, water breaching them in gouts and diluting the riverbed, eddying around the feet of the few remaining strikers, coiling like the gas above it, until with a shiver the Gross Tar reknit itself, healing the little rift that had paralysed it and confused its currents.

He cited the deception of Yakim Douan as the primary reason for the destructive and unnecessary rift between the two churches, Abellican and Chezru.