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Word usage examples

But that molecular biological mechanism for the frogs' poisonousness could be considered an unimportant detail because many other poisonous chemicals would have worked equally well.

According to this scenario the Chamber was deliberately left unfinished so as to hoodwink treasure hunters into believing that it had been abandoned and thus convince them of the pointlessness of further explorations there—a pretty effective means of keeping casual intruders away from any other cavities or concealed passageways that might be connected to it.

I couldn’t help feeling a kind of helpless and dispiriting pointlessness in what I was doing.

I couldn't help feeling a kind of helpless and dispiriting pointlessness in what I was doing.

Enraged at the pointlessness of the death, Drew wanted to kick Mike's corpse, to smash its teeth, to crush its nose.

In one set of memories, lost goals, pointlessness and depression, political faddishness leading nowhere.

  They had wandered through the acts, tents and rides, he and she, talking small talk, passing comment on other people they passed, celebrating the refreshing absence of drones at the party, discussing the merits of whirligigs, shubblebubs, helter-skelters, ice-flumes, quittletraps, slicicles, boing-braces, airblows, tramplescups and bodyflaggers, and bemoaning the sheer pointlessness of inter-species funny-face competitions.

At length he should realize the pointlessness in wasting time and men in trying to redivert the river.

Lot caught the edge of a sense of vastness, no more, before it vanished into a pointillistic cynicism shimmering in discrete specks upon the air.

Chenzeme senses, the artifact was a pointillistic image of great clarity.