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Word usage examples

The latitude which is here called the mentioned latitude, and which is again spoken of a little further on, in an equally mysterious way, as the said latitude, or, as the Spanish document has it, Todo esto no fue poderoso a estorvarme que no llegase a la altura, de la qual pase un grado.

In the opening and comming out of this circulate and turning assence many pillars of fused and molten mettall were aptly disposed and surely fixed: the inter-space betwixt euery one and other one foote, and in height halfe a pase, railed and ioyned togither aboue with a battelled coronet al along the said pillar, and of the same metall compassing about the opening of the staire, lest that any comming foorth vnawares should fall downe headlong, For the immesurable height thereof woulde cause a giddines in the head, and bring a staggering to the feete: vpon the plaine of the obeliske there was infixed a table of brasse fastened and soldered in about the height of a man, with an ancient inscription in Latine, Greeke, and Arabike, by the which I plainely vnderstoode that the same was dedicated to the Sunne, and the measure of the work wholy set downe and described, the name of the Architector noted on the obeliske in Greek letters.

Once, when repairing the line from Pase, in Kwangsi, to Mungtze, during the rainy season of 1889, fifty-six out of sixty men employed by him died of what there can be little doubt was the same plague that has lately devastated Hong Kong.

It is necessary at the outset, however, to draw a careful distinction between those phases of experimentation upon man which seem to be legitimate and right, and those other pases of inquiry which are clearly immoral.

I iudge, none other then raine vvater nevvly fallen, and gathered vp by making pittes in a plot of marrish ground, some three hundred pases from the sea side.

I will not tell you, dear old skeptic, of the dangers through which I pased passed.

Ternathia had struck a deal with the Bolakini for possession of the Fist in a lucrative treaty, sealed with intermarriages and trade agreements, which included levies on all non-Ternathian shipping that pased the Fist.

Slowly he swung his great head about and stared at Tascela who pased negligently in the curtained doorway, one hand on her smooth hip.

Maybe the murders were the work of some sort of cult or coven that pased on its ritual practices from generation to generation.

Stardust, taking another hit on the cigarette and pasing it to Moonchild.