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Word usage examples

I recognized the knight in charge as Norcross, our liege lord's chatelain, his military chief.

I motioned with my eyes for them to stay clear of Norcross and his thugs.

The thought of that bastard Norcross, or any of his henchmen, having my poor Sophie.

She did not question my desertion from the army, nor take offense at my ire toward Norcross and Baldwin.

I lunged, in my bonds, toward Norcross, but before I had gone a step, the duke's men kicked me to the floor.

Even if this was just a cruel joke, even if Norcross hid a few feet away, set to cut me in two, I was dead tomorrow anyway.

At the impact, I swung underneath, but Norcross parried as if his sword had no weight.

I continued my tale, through my run-in with Norcross, how I'd been set up, and how Palimpost, the very fool I'd shamed, had saved my life.

All along, I was sure it was Norcross who had done these things to me, as punishment for going on the Crusade.

That the chatelain had burned your house and child, and taken your wife, and if Norcross was dead, it was justly deserved for what he had done.