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Word usage examples

Dere wus nigh bout no whippin er tall, least Old Marster neber did whip his slaves ter do no good, en he mos ginerally tole us mammies er pappies ter do de whippin er de chillun en de older boys en gals.

Nihil enim minus volebat quam sub decessu suo necessitatem sibi aliquam imponi belli gerendi, ne, cum exercitum deducturus esset, bellum aliquod relinqueretur quod omnis Gallia libenter sine praesenti periculo susciperet.

Some neber look after de slabes, and leabe all to overseers, and dese bery often bad, cruel men.

Schivyzerma nes subers Qwehril a der Wand, nes heiters Lied furs Vaterland.

Start Up Marketing included in the packaging, a series of seminars for customers and di tributor sales groups, a new technology newsletter-everything ne,, essary to get Contract Hardware back in the game.

Anjano is a bad reading for Anda ne, we are not so certain about the original location of this phrase Anda ne barcha.

In the Plotz Letter, Tolkien listed various case endings also including the dual element -t-: genitive -to, dative -nt, allative -nta, ablative -lto, locative -tsë, instrumental -nten.

But I’d recommend netA, that’ll give you your own eddress, you’ve got to pay an annual fee to the link company, but nobody will be able to contact you without one.

I mean I wondered if just maybe I was wrong about thinking be was making a flitty pass at ne.

The Corrida traveled from Old Terra with its people tho igh it was apparently not nearly as popular before the Jihad ab it was afterwards-a fact which has been held up as an example of the dissolute nature of the populace when in the thrall of the Mach nes However even before the Jihad the Corrida was the entertainment of choice of large segments of the population of the Empire The bull breeding farms on La Coruna Saragonna and Bahdmonde were continual ly busy keeping the fans of Comda satisfied During this time Comda was not associated with the nobility to the extent that it would be after the Jihad and all of the famous matadors of the period (with the exception of Duke Ban Leon who was not at any rate particularly noteworthy as a matador) were commoners Among these were Rodolito whose real name is unknown Little David Manante Lih Kalt one of the few women matadors and Jose Martino Vasquez still famous as The Tempter for .