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mygal myghe myght mygod mygth myguy

Word usage examples

O happie were hee that myght bee but a drudge or kitchin slaue in suche a Paradice.

For by what stody myght be more holely or better socour mankynde than by suche doctrynes as he gaue.

I kan nat love a coward, by my feith, For certes, what so any womman seith, We alle desiren, if it myght bee, To han housbondes hardy, wise, and free, And secree, and no nygard, ne no fool, Ne hym that is agast of every tool, Ne noon avauntour.

I loved hir first, and tolde thee my wo As to my conseil, and to my brother sworn, To forthre me as I have toold biforn, For which thou art ybounden as a knyght To helpen me, if it lay in thy myght, Or elles artow fals, I dar wel seyn.

Haddwstow as greet a leeve as thou hast myght To parfourne al thy lust in engendrure, Thou haddest bigeten ful many a creature.

Ayeyns his myght ther gayneth none obstacles, He may be cleped a god for hise myracles, For he kan maken at his owene gyse Of everich herte as that hym list divyse.

To Alisaundre was toold this sentence, That for the tiraunt is of gretter myght, By force of meynee for to sleen dounright, And brennen hous and hoom, and make al playn, Lo, therfore is he cleped a capitayn!

And this bihote I yow withouten faille, Upon my trouthe, and as I am a knyght, That wheither of yow bothe that hath myght, This is to seyn, that wheither he, or thow May with his hundred, as I spak of now, Sleen his contrarie, or out of lystes dryve, Thanne shal I yeve Emelya to wyve, To whom that Fortune yeveth so fair a grace.

But er his heer were clipped or yshave, Ther was no boond with which men myght him bynde, But now is he in prison in a cave, Where as they made hym at the queerne grynde.