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Word usage examples

Thwarted in doing his military duty to his country, Lucius Cornelius Merula had taken to attending the Senate assiduously.

Senate clerks entered the chamber, deserted now save for Scaurus and Merula, who had fallen behind.

Scaurus Princeps Senatus gave the sheet to Merula and stumbled to a seat on the bare bottom tier.

Cornelius Merula, the censor Publius Licinius Crassus, the banker and merchant Titus Pomponius, the banker Gaius Oppius, Quintus Mucius Scaevola Pontifex Maximus, and Marcus Antonius Orator, just returned to the Senate after a protracted illness.

House began to buzz, thinking Merula was finished, but quietened when he began to speak again.

Octavius and Merula were eventually forced to come to the conclusion that the real reason was that he preferred to outnumber his opponent in a battle situation, whereas in fact Cinna outnumbered him.

So Octavius and Merula sent a deputation to see the Piglet before Aesernia, beg him to conclude a peace treaty with the beleaguered Samnites and come to Rome as quickly as he could.

Cornelius Merula never saw his note from Catulus Caesar, as it found him already dead.

Great God in his temple, Merula went home, got into a hot bath, and opened his veins with a bone knife.

The mage, Merula the Marvelous, perched at the edge of his seat, bejeweled hands folded atop the silver pommel of his walking cane.