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Word usage examples

And now they nigh approched to the sted,Where as those Mermayds dwelt: it was a stillAnd calmy bay, on th'one side shelteredWith the brode shadow of an hoarie hill,On th'other side an high rocke toured still,That twixt them both a pleasaunt port they made,And did like an halfe Theatre fulfill:There those fiue sisters had continuall trade,And vsd to bath themselues in that deceiptfull shade.

He had told the mermaid story over half the town already, but no story was truly told until it was told in the Fishing Moon.

She sang in some strange mermaid tongue, unknown to me and unknown, likely, to any living man.

You know yourselves of the ancient oaken chair in Talland Church, with the mermaid carved upon its side.

Some say that a mermaid is a symbol of vanity and lust, sins of which man must ever be wary.

If the mermaid was not a lure or distraction, then she could be used to frighten Foweather from his course.

As long as he was stunned by his sighting, as long as they could keep him fascinated by the possibility that a mermaid lurked offshore, they might be able to either push or pull him where they pleased.

We have him all but convinced that this mermaid has come to shore in search of a husband.

If we had you to sing the role of mermaid at specific times, we could ensure that no one got caught and sent to jail.

For all her repulsion at the idea of playing a bare-breasted mermaid, even worse was the idea of going back to Bugg.