Word Search by Letters

You see empty boxes where you need to type the initial letters you know. You can choose any length of words or specify the exact number of letters in the word using the “plus” and “minus” options located at the side. The result will be a list of words presented in blocks depending on the number of letters. There will be simple words, abbreviated words, syntactic words and independent parts of speech.

Word usage examples

The merman freed her breasts to grasp the amber teardrop, which glowed softly where it dangled between them.

She followed the merman, noticing how in the moonlit water the orange and gold of his tail glistened like it glowed magically from within.

Her endless questions were laced with humor and a sweetness that moved the merman more than he wanted to admit.

Even if you decide you love the merman, you have to stay in your human body until I find a permanent solution for the problem of Sarpedon.

Dylan said, trying to lighten his voice, but it was clear the mention of Sarpedon made the merman uncomfortable.

The merman must have found her in the monastery and discovered some way to accost her.

Then the merman tightened his grip on her and she opened her mouth to him.

The merman brushed sand from her shoulders with gentle hands that tended to linger at the long, graceful curve of her back.

The squire who held her arm was still gazing slack-jawed at the merman, and it was with surprising ease that CC rammed her knee into his groin and wrenched her arm from his grasp.

The merman shouted a command in a garbled language that CC was shocked to realize she could understand.