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Word usage examples

Tremane off to conquer Hardorn, and Melles had remained in that position all along.

Court nobles, although the commodity that Melles bought and sold was quite unlike that of his livestock-brokering father.

As Melles turned at the foot of the steps to face those thronging to greet him, Charliss decided that the Emperors of the past had been very wise.

Court was over and the business of the Empire had been disposed of in Council, Melles got his private audience with the Emperor.

In the silent protocols of the Empire, he was receiving Melles as an equal rather than Melles arriving as a supplicant.

The liquor gleamed in the glass with the deep glow of fine rubies, as Melles held it up to the light, admiring its color.

There was no one else besides he who was anywhere near Melles in level of expertise at their mutual profession.

General Thayer was already in attendance, with a frown on his face that told Melles he had no more idea than anyone else why the Emperor had called this particular Court into session.

Over the years, Melles had sampled a few of these, and he was not eager to renew his acquaintance with any of them.

As long as he insisted on pursuing the twin goals of the destruction of Valdemar and the punishment of Tremane, Melles would be perfectly content.