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lopscourse lopsidedly

Word usage examples

Julian looked back out at the crowd, the long chain perched precariously in a gleaming heap on the top of his head, one loop dangling lopsidedly off his left ear, and as the roar swelled for the last time, I saw now that the faces were smiling, and I knew all would be well.

He was older than the Gaul by some ten or fifteen years, and his face was scarred like one who has survived many such battles, with his nose lying lopsidedly to one side.

Tony smiled lopsidedly, threw the ring into the air twice, speculatively, catching it in his palm.

The chromos hung lopsidedly where he'd left them, and the easel had Don's drip-dry socks hanging on it.

The cigar in a corner of his mouth, Jake grinned lopsidedly at Carmody who nodded, brought out a big wooden kitchen match, and expertly snapped it to light with his thumb nail.