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Word usage examples

To be more correct, I used to massage them, but lately a very plump Hawaiian woman who is known to be highly skilled in the lomilomi, the medicinal massage of the islands, insists upon doing the job for me.

I can hear her now, a huge motherly woman announcing, 'Me come lomilomi little man.

Then women came in to lomilomi her, and she smiled proudly from the floor as Jerusha said, "I have never known a person to learn so fast as Malama.

When Keoki translated this, his mother stopped smiling and brushed away the lomilomi women, saying, "Before long I shall write to the king of America .

What irritated him most was that whenever he succeeded in back-ing big Malama into a logical corner, so that her next statement would have to be a confession of defeat, she would call on her maids to lomilomi her, and while they pounded her stomach, moving her enormous meals about, she would smile sweetly and say, "Go on!

She ate four times a day, and sometimes five, and at a normal meal consumed a pound or two of roast pig, part of a dog, some baked fish, a substantial helping of breadfruit and not less than a quart of poi and oftentimes two or three, after which the lomilomi women would knead her stomach to spur her faltering digestion.