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lineable lineages lineally linearly lineated lineatin lineatum lineatus

Word usage examples

The canyon floor is littered with lineated fill, frost-shattered from its walls and graded by water or ice flows.

It took me fifteen years of uninterrupted work, from 1973 to 1988, to store enough energy to rearrange everything linearly in my mind.

But given that, and assuming that everything else goes linearly, the best guesstimate I can make says we get hit with everything emerging from a solid angle of one two-hundredth of a steradian of Alpha C.

Bangs had been nearly accurate when he said that the distribution was logistically unsupportable, but he and the rest of the staff were thinking linearly.

It's linearly polarized and it's transmitting a set of moving pulses restricted to two different amplitudes.

That same capability advantage remains statistically differentiable even today, although the capabilities of increasingly advanced psychotronic circuitry and software have improved to a point at which the speed with which Bolos process information, even linearly, has very largely overtaken the human ability to process it intuitively.

The energy density of black-body radiation goes up as the cube of the temperature-that's the old StefanBolzmann law-but the number of photons goes up linearly with the temperature, too, so effectively it's a fourth-power increase inside the kugelblitz.

Chelts as lineally descended from the Tartar race, they have very facetiously nicknamed muriatic acid.

William Lockhart of Birkhill, the head of an old family in Lanarkshire, lineally descended from Sir Stephen Lockhart of Cleghorn, a member of the Privy Council, and armour-bearer to James III.

The baron was a gentleman of a fierce and choleric temperament: he was lineally descended from the redoubtable Fierabras of Normandy, who came over to England with the Conqueror, and who, in the battle of Hastings, killed with his own hand four-and-twenty Saxon cavaliers all on a row.