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Word usage examples

One asserts the right of a brahmin to demand dakshina from a kshatriya.

Vishnu-avatar Parasurama had the right idea, hewing down kshatriyas with his ax, except he should have taken his blade to brahmin necks instead.

Later, with the Hindu shift toward pacifism and nonviolence, the brahmin, or priestly caste, became predominant, with kshatriyas shifting into the second-highest position from around the fifth century A.

The rakshaks were the subcaste of kshatriyas entrusted with the task of guarding the outposts, ports, bridges, and causeways of the Arya nations.

Then we are allowed to bind our wounds, while the Ye-tai and the kshatriyas enjoy the plunder.

The royal nephews made heavy going of the effort, despite the assistance of several kshatriya.

Before following, Ajatasutra ordered the kshatriya still in the kathisma to join Balban.

Cunda - concerning whom the Tibetan Taranatha relates a fairy tale: 'Lucky for him was it that the son of the tree nymph and the Kshatriya chose her as patron, for with her help he slew the wicked queen whose bed every night was a grave for a new king of Bengal.