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Word usage examples

The venerable twin Keck telescopes had ruled over this realm since their construction in the 1990s, though they were no longer the largest of their breed.

Those inside the conducting Keck dome survived, since the currents remained on the outside.

Molly Notkin is standing with Rutherford Keck and Crosby Baum and a radically bad-postured man before the school-supplied Infernatron viewer.

The computer operator and navigator, Elspeth Keck, was younger and too plump.

Each of the thirty-six mirrors in the Keck Telescope, also on Mauna Kea, had been only seventy-two inches across.

Stern plans to do the search between 2011 and 2013 using the Keck and Subaru telescopes.

An even larger dome stood in the distance, but Benjamin thought the Kecks were the more beautiful.

From our position on the ramp we saw blokes dropping their kecks and mooning in the heat haze, and the Spandau Ballet gang were giving it some again.

At last there is a stuttering of three explosions, and a huge squall of smokestone kecks up from porous earth and uncoils in a smog that expands fast to clog the channel the graders have made, and moves slower as it begins to set.

Gretchen Keck was among them, the face above the soft young body set in a smiling tetany of embarrassment.