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Word usage examples

kim would take the kids to her rehearsals, and he would save his sister a trip to school by picking them all up and driving them home.

Chiar slowly made their way out of the astrometrics lab with Kim and his tricorder in tow.

The beams had to fumble blindly for the fugitives, and they told of each touch, but only after it occurred, And kim struggled to make his course unpredictable.

She instructed Kim to resume scanning for bioelectric and organic signatures in the direction of the largest village, nearer the eastern hills.

Bamboohatted kim returned to the village forlorn of countenance, wearing his empty hat instead of carrying it before him laden with carp and corbina, he was jeered by the lazy ones, including the apple-cheeked wench.

In lieu of Squeak food, they were supping on the least putrid human groceries available: dandelion salad with Angostura bitters, grilled black pudding, squid fritters, kim chee, Icelandic hrokkbraud and Marmite, Bananas Foster, and a big pitcher of scorpion cocktails made with Demerara rum.

Fifty more pounds changed hands, and a few moments later I joined Kim Li Sang, the Korean dermatologist, to Eduardo Duarte, the Paraguayan writer.

By: kim Isaac Eisler Category: nonfiction biography Synopsis: A biography of one of the greatest Supreme Court Justices of this century explores his role in landmark decisions on pornography, libel, desegregation, search and seizure, and legislative redistricting.

Glen has lived in Galway, Seattle, Charlotte, and Los Angeles, where he lives today with his wife, folklorist kim Miller, son Sid, and daughter kate.

kim took a closer look at the guards and decided the third Maj was right.