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Word usage examples

And all the villagers were there, every male soul on the estate from Hob the austringer down to old Wat with no nose, all carrying spears or pitchforks or old scythe blades or stout poles.

Und wie er benommen und schwankend dastand, hob sich Pryderis Schwert wieder, und es war Govannons Axt, die es im Niedersausen aufhielt und zerschmetterte.

Without controversy there be seven seen sorts, seventeen several sorts of hob- thrushes, and several sorts of divels, and if the humour took me I could name them all by rote.

Mr Cecil, delighted at the possibility of mischief arising from this narrowing down of the party, struck out for himself and declared that ideas for Hoowarnese-inspired designs were simmering on the hob, duckies, and he must get out Little Red Attashy case and dash them down forthwith.

That is to say, Jim rode on, Hob flew on, Gorp and the sumpter horse paced forward.

He also saw Gorp and the sumpter horse, and, turning his head, saw Hob on his shoulder.

Fancy a confident country-girl--supreme in her own district over the Hobs and Hinnies thereabouts--in conflict with the adroit man of the world, and you have the whole history of Margaret Cooper, and the secret of her misfortune.

He heard Danner yell and looked back to see Hob on his feet with a Vulg slashing at him just as Danner rode by and reached out an arm.

No one in Fallbrook, Auberg, or Beresford knew exactly what a hob was, except that it was a wildling and relatively benevolent, and it owned this mountain, or belonged to it.

Cobb did or did not believe that the fortunate fall of Miss Wyker down the staircase had anything to do with Hob or not, she had since left out a bowl of cream each Saturday night and that was always drained dry in the morning.