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Word usage examples

She had expected the place to smell like a Grand Guignol theater where the sadistic plays involved no make-believe, but instead the air was redolent of recently brewed coffee and cinnamon rolls.

Saving Private Ryan, which is essentially an episode of the old TV show Combat with an okay Grand Guignol beginning and a mawkish framing device, and features the Mister Potato Head of contemporary thespians, Tom Hanks.

Then, last but hardly least in terms of the grand guignol, comes the Greenes.

For the past couple of years, I had suffered grim, dark moments during which I was overcome with the impression that the world was nothing but a charnel house, created and set spinning in the void for the sole purpose of providing a stage for a cosmic Grand Guignol play-and this.

This lady of the night had managed to escape the attentions of Jack the Ripper, whom she chanced upon during his Grand Guignol farewell performance at Miller's Court.

To my mind this Kkkah character was one of the more loathsome items from Le Grand Guignol.

Perhaps his elevated position gave him a sense of superiority, as if he were watching, from a stage, that gathering of lunatics locked in a Grand Guignol feud, and at the sides, almost to the entrance, the little monsters, now uninterested in the action, nudging each other and giggling, like Annibale Cantalamessa and Pio Bo.

Through massive, shaded corridors of black basalt Ly and I walked amid slick and shiny walls with finely cut relief carvings, a Grand Guignol of conquest and atrocity, including buffalo sacrifices and crocodiles eating their victims.

Later there would be time to confront and, reluctantly, explore that Grand Guignol memory.

In the past decade, my employers have included three carnivals, four roadside peep shows, two direct-to-video horror movie producers, and an artsy off-Broadway troupe bent on reviving Le Grand Guignol.