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Word usage examples

Your indulgence, your lenity shall take place of every hardship, and leave me nothing but filial affection!

No unthinking imprudence, no unfeeling selfishness, has ever, for an instant, driven from your thoughts what you owe to your duty, or weakened your pleasure in every endearing filial tie.

Still, however, he flattered himself that ere long, to her youthful mind and native chearfulness, tranquillity, if not felicity, would imperceptibly return, from such a union for exertion of filial and sisterly duties: that industry would sweeten rest, virtue gild privation, and self-approvance convert every sacrifice into enjoyment.

She turned this way and that in the predicament she had sought and from which she could neither retreat with grace nor emerge with credit: she draped herself in the tatters of her impudence, postured to her utmost before the last little triangle of cracked glass to which so many fractures had reduced the polished plate of filial superstition.

He addressed himself in his quest, however, only to vague quarters until he met again, as he so frequently and actively met it, the more than filial gaze of his intelligent little charge.

The guard thought it a touching display of filial affection and withdrew.

The government was notoriously intolerant when it came to people who tried to avoid their filial duties.

Or was she one of the people who believed in the Filial Obligation Act, who thought it was a good thing?

This Order of Filial Obligation is to inform you that your family status has been reviewed, and it has been determined the debt formerly assigned to Cassandra Stiller is now the rightful debt in whole of Marian S.

Enclosed you will find an Appraisal of filial Debt and Order of Obligation from our offices.