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Word usage examples

May 6th, 1937, when I was a young treasury agent working as part of an intra-agency task force dedicated to another investigation entirely, we learned almost by accident that Fiers was about to arrive in this country under an assumed name.

Gustav Fiers, dapper in an exquisitely tailored white suit sharing drinks with a group of similarly-clad men at a table in a smoky nightclub.

This time the image changed to a significantly older Fiers, still clad in white suit captured in profile as he crossed a busy street in what looked like a semi-tropical Asian city.

Gustav Fiers refrained from saying the first thing that came to mind, which was: Oh, please.

Both elder Fiers were indeed still alive, several years into their second century.

And Gustav Fiers had just provided him with one of the best he had ever heard.

Richard and Mary Parker died in a plane crash arranged by Karl Fiers, in his role as the Finisher.

Gustav Fiers sometimes retired to contemplate the many accomplishments of his life.

And that Fiers might have also stolen their daughter, christened Carla May Mendelsohn, training her throughout a cold childhood of mind control and psychological indoctrination to become the wan, silent, tormented, but no less deadly, personal assassin he had christened Pity.

If Pity was his sister, the last remnant of the family Fiers had destroyed, Spider-Man needed to know for sure.