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Word usage examples

Fie stopped at a tienda on the outskirts of town and bought some tortillas and some tins of beans and salsa and some cheese and he rolled them up in his blanket and tied the bedroll on behind the saddle again and refilled the canteen and mounted up and turned the horse north.

EPI: Fie, master Morose, that you will use this violence to a man of the church.

That was liat she saidT fie glanced across the room to where Gini was now deep in versation with John Hawthorne.

Tokutaro-San to Kojin, for he loves and protects the remains of dolls, fie lives in the enoki tree.

Fie upon thee, said Sir Andred, false traitor that thou art, with thine avaunting.

From the rabble have we gone out of the way, from all those bawlers and scribe-blowflies, from the trader-stench, the ambition-fidgeting, the bad breath-: fie, to live among the rabble.

Which when as Vna saw, through euery vaineThe crudled cold ran to her well of life,As in a swowne: but soone reliu'd againe,Out of his hand she snatcht the cursed knife,And threw it to the ground, enraged rife,And to him said, fie, fie, faint harted knight,What meanest thou by this reprochfull strife?

Fie on him, said the queen, yet for all his pride and bobaunce there ye proved yourself his better.

Fie for shame, said Sir Gawaine, that ever such false treason should be wrought or used in a queen, and a king's sister, and a king and queen's daughter.

Not a breeze stirred in the fie ds, where I the dry stalks of harvested corn and sunflowers lay like scattered pick-up sticks.