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Word usage examples

In the Saurischia, this indentation is large and carries at least one fenestra, whereas in the Ornithischia the fossa as well as its fenestra are significantly reduced or missing.

Great apertures, the fenestrae, occur in the cheek region of the skull, behind the eyes, and also along the sides of the snout.

These fenestrae are characteristic of all theropods, and indeed of all primitive dinosaurs, but in allosaurs and abelisaurs they were relatively larger than in others.

Each skull was twice as long as it was high, with large eyeholes, gaping pre-orbital fenestrae halfway down the snout, and elliptical nares.

Excess salt would be eliminated from the small openings over his pre-orbital fenestrae, on either side of his muzzle.

They can be distinguished from the primitive archosauromorphs by the presence of an opening in the skull in front of the eye, the antorbital fenestra.

Some pilots believe that if they could fenester through an infinite number of windows, then their westering flight would eventually bring them to a place where all time and space folds inward upon itself.

A cetic or even any Orderman whom the cetics had trained might fenester through these windows with all the speed of a pilot falling through the manifold.

He fenestered from window to window as he journeyed through the fallaways into the heart of the Civilized Worlds.