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eyren eyrer eyres

Word usage examples

Speaking with restraint and with the accent of a highly educated gentleman, and puffing at intervals at his long churchwarden pipe, he proceeded to tell me some of the most horrible stories I have ever heard in my life: how one of the Eyres in the former ages had hanged his own father.

He was as ready as Barbousse could make him for his audience with Mustafa IX Eyren, Nabob of Fluvanna.

Brim, during your audience with Mustafa Eyren," he called over his shoulder.

Presently, Nabob Mustafa IX Eyren (The Magnificent) strode into the hall with a tall and exquisitely formed woman dressed from head to foot in light green robes of diaphanous material.

At last, however, Zacristy, the League Ambassador, disappeared with LaKarn and a scowling Mustafa IX Eyren through one of the Nabob's secret exits.

Especially since Raddisma of Magor, the unborn child's mother, was also the favorite consort of His Majesty, Mustafa Eyren, Nabob and absolute ruler of embattled Fluvanna.

That's why you brought Mustafa Eyren and his court to Avalon, isn't it?

I shall now have to ask that you at least keep an eye on her until Mustafa Eyren finds her some sort of a home.

Officially, the little girl's father was Mustafa Eyren, the Nabob of Fluvanna.

At all events, Hope now resided in the Imperial Palace, cared for by Raddisma's faithful retainer, Cosa Tutti, although elderly Nabob Eyren still visited faithfully in the belief that the little girl was his true daughter.