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Word usage examples

Young Evarts and a Mexican boy named Bernardino had charge of this flock.

Half a mile from the Isbel ranch the cavalcade passed the log cabin of Evarts, father of the boy who had tended sheep with Bernardino.

His father was telling Evarts that he was not to join in the Isbel-Jorth war.

When the cavalcade started on again Jean rode to his father's side and asked him why he had wanted the Evarts boy to come to Grass Valley.

I kept watchin' an' after a while I seen young Evarts slip out the back way.

Daggs was seen to be wantin' some of the Isbel hosses, so Evarts says.

They threw Meeker out an' he crawled to a neighbor's house, where he was when Evarts seen him.

Gladys now high in the Eastern Star, and Muriel, married to Henryton's leading hardware and furniture dealerMuriel, mother of the sweetest twins in Evarts County.

Not that Henryton, or Evarts County either, for that matter, upheld Prohibition or admired Andrew Volstead.

But Nan had been seen necking in automobiles (a Velie and a Rickenbacker) with different boys, and heavens knew on how many unobserved occasions she'd done the same, and honestly, commented Henrytonnot to say Evarts Countymaybe the juvenile authorities should be notified, because Nan was still underage.